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Treatment for Diastasis Recti

                 Worried about your Mummy Tummy, come and try this amazing, focused system to help you love your tummy again!

What is Diastasis

The abdominal muscles are made to stretch apart when you are pregnant.  Usually by 6 weeks postnatal these muscles will have come back together.   Sometimes they stay apart and need specialist knowledge to help them.

In mummy talk, it is the ‘mummy tummy’; the ‘gap’, the ‘dome’ the ‘looking five months pregnant at the end of the day’.

Mums are often told conflicting advice on what to do to help heal their tummy muscles, ranging from doing sit ups ( please don’t do these), to it will slowly come together on it’s own or this is as far as it will probably come together.

This amazing holistic programme is a total treatment for diastasis recti.    It is  made up not just of exercises but also of hands on massage to release tissue restricting movement, nutrition, hydration, posture, breathing, alignment and finally focused exercises on a 1:1 basis to regain your tummy love.

Treatment for diastasis recti includes

  • Initial assessment
  • 3 x    1:1 visits
  • The first session is around 2 hours, follow up sessions are 1 hour.
  • theraband
  • soft ball
  • breathing assessment
  • soft tissues restriction assessment and release, hands on treatment,
  • homework
  • regular contact to maintain accountability
  • bespoke programme
  • log in for homework exercises
  • detailed information booklet
  • nutrition and hydration advice
Treatment for diastasis recti

Mums recovering their tummy love.


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Please note by paying online, you are accepting the following terms and conditions.

  • Price is £175 with any further sessions charged at Sue’s usual 1:1 rate.
  • You must contact Sue Coult before making a payment.
  • You can always discuss 07877307930 your concerns and book your appointment.
  • The cost of the course is non-refundable and non-transferable.




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