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Pregnancy Pilates

Stay Active and Flexible

Pilates teaches the pregnant client to stay active, enjoy her pregnancy whilst keeping her body mobile, flexible and toned.

We also discuss positive ways of moving through to help her lose her fear and gain trust in her ability to birth, according to her own choice.

Listening and learning from her body, keeping flexible, reducing tissue tightness from static postures and opening up to the changes that are taking place prevents problems both during the pregnancy and also through the birthing process itself.

The focus is on establishing a routine that will see you through the rest of your pregnancy.

Who is this class for?

This class is suitable for you if you are:

  • newly pregnant and wondering what exercise you can do now.
  • used to exercising and wanting to continue with the knowledge of a specialist exercise instructor.
  • struggling with pelvic pain
  • experiencing back ache during your pregnancy and not sure what to do.
  • working in a job that keeps you mainly in sitting or standing and so stiff and sore at the end of the day.
  • wanting to stay strong and flexible during your pregnancy.
  • wanting to maintain stamina to cope with the demands of labour.
  • wanting to learn exercises that will work the abdominals and pelvic floor during pregnancy.
  • struggling to relax and feeling anxious about the forthcoming birth.



“The classes are fantastic! Sue is an excellent teacher and she encourages everyone to work at their own pace. The class is not just about exercise; Sue also gives lots of tips on how to prepare for the birth, both physically and mentally. Her vast experience also means that she can answer lots of those niggling questions that we have about pregnancy and birth! I’m so pleased I found this class!”

Exercising during pregnancy

In early pregnancy, the focus is on the pelvic floor, not working it too hard, to help it release at the end of the third trimester during birth.

Focus is also on posture, stretches, stabilization, toning and learning meditative and relaxation breathing.

From the 2nd trimester onwards, the focus changes slightly in that the bady is becoming more soft and supple to cope with birth.  The pelvic floor has to learn to release for birth.

Strength and mobility needs to be maintained in the upper body and arms.

The lower body needs to cope with the changing mechanical stresses on the pelvis.  Come and find out what Pilates can offer you during this wonderful time in your life.

Pregnancy Pilates includes everything you need to stay toned, release tension and relax during your pregnancy.

Pilates is low impact, not jumpy, slow and controlled,  having a calming and toning effect.

Every exercise includes  a toning effect for the upper or lower limbs and an abdominal and pelvic floor awareness / focus to it.

Pilates also includes flexibility and a relaxation focus to help you keep muscles lengthened and released.

What does a typical Antenatal Pilates Class Include:

  • a standing or seated warm up to mobilise stiff joints and warm up soft tissues.
  •  standing or seated exercises to tone up and release pelvic floor, abdomen, upper and lower limbs
  • Seated Pilates exercises to realign your posture as your pregnancy develops
  • Mummy intensity exercises to maintain stamina
  • Pelvic floor exercises to help maintain during pregnancy and release for preparation for labour and birth.
  • Mat-based exercises to tone gluts, abdomen and pelvic floor.
  • Breathing exercises and a relaxation session to release those tensions after a stressful day.  This also helps with preparation for labour and pelvic floor work.

Theraband and gym balls are used in the classes to help tone and strengthen the body.


The Pregnancy Class is on:

Monday Nights at 7pm at Ecclesall Parish Hall




New Pregnancy Pilates Class – 9am Saturdays

Please check it’s running as some are cancelled due to other commitments

Ecclesall Parish Hall



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