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Posture Changes in Pregnancy

Pregnancy can create many aches and pains.  Often these are due to static postures or posture changes due to the changing body accommodating your growing baby.

Static Postures

Standing or sitting for moderate to long periods always have an effect on posture.  When you are pregnant then the additional postural changes from pregnancy causeposture_during_pregnancy

  • the shoulders to round,
  • the head to move into a forward position,
  • Breathing pattern changes with decreased rib mobility
  • the abdomen to drop forwards and down,
  • Buttock muscles – gluts shorten and weaken
  • Pelvis tilts forwards
  • knees to extend,
  • feet to drop the inner arches.
  • Low back musculature to shorten.

These changes cause the tissues to become short and overactive or the opposite muscles to become long and weak.  Both of these problems have the potential to cause pain.

Additionally when sitting for long periods, the hip flexors shorten, then when in standing this shortening pulls the low back into further tightness, tilting the pelvis more anteriorly and so potential back pain.

These changes can be addressed by being posture aware and maintaining flexibility and attending a Pregnancy Specific Exercise Programme, this can be Pilates, Yoga or general exercise.

In addition to release tightened tissues, soft tissue release techniques can be beneficial, please only book with a pre/postnatal trained massage therapist.

See below for posture correction.  However please maintain flexibility if you find yourself standing or sitting for longer than half hour.  In standing circle your hips round 3-5 x both directions, sitting – stand up and straighten up 3-5 x.

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  1. Hello, thank you for your tips. My wife is currently baby and she complains about back pain. I think part of the reasons is because of her posture. I will definitely show her this post to help her to improve her posture. Thank you!

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