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Postnatal Pilates – Mum and Baby Buggy Intensive



Just the postnatal class for mums to rehab their bodies postnatal at Walkley

In Postnatal Pilates the emphasis is on more intensive exercise working at Mummy Intensity Interval level.

This is to work at a fat burning level, increasing stamina, and starting to redefine the body, and recover your core.  This also works the abdominals and pelvic floor in an increasing dynamic and functional way to enable them to cope with the demands of daily life!

Who can come to this class?

You are able to come to this class if you are :

  • finishing the initial 6 week Fit Mum and Baby Pilates class and want to continue your fitness journey.
  • 12 weeks or more postnatal with no aches, pains, abdominal separation or pelvic floor problems.
  • wanting to push your fitness whilst bringing your baby along.
  • still off work or not working and wanting to work harder.
  • ready to start jumping and moving about more.

What does this class contain?

The class contains a mixture of:

  • Circuits
  • Intervals
  • Working with your baby buggy
  • Resistance training
  • Higher level movements
  • Bodyweight exercises
  • Use of theraband

When is the Class and the cost?

The Class is on Fridays at 2pm at Holmhurst Methodist Church, Woodseats


1pm Tuesdays at Quaker Meeting House, Sheffield, S1

The cost £67 for 10 sessions, 11th session free to be used within 15 weeks.

Babies are welcome to this class, bring them in their prams or buggies as the class takes place in a large hall, they are able to stay in them.

This also is a great social exchange.  Social meet ups are arranged every month!




Postnatal Pilates can also help the body heal a diastasis recti, when the stomach muscles become apart/stretched and also helps realign and strengthen from pubis symphysis derangement.

Please take the time to read through the contraindications for pregnancy and postnatal pilates classes before beginning your exercises.

Get in touch to find out more or Book in to our next class.