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Is It Ok To Stretch in Pregnancy

Contrary to popular myth and general fitpro education, most pregnant women are not at the mercy of destablizing

Picture from sparkpeople

Picture from sparkpeople

pregnancy hormones that render ‘stretching’ a no-no…those with either first-hand experience of time in the trenches will testify a nice bit of bodywork is always well received and hardly ever contraindicated. By considering ‘activity of daily life’ movement patterns and integrated theories that encompass the myofascial and muscular sling systems we can create ‘release’ programming  that truly addresses the changes.

With these points in mind the idea is to use movement patterns to release soft tissue tightness.   The other method for releasing tissue tightness in pregnancy is to use myofascial release techniques.  These work by contracting the tight muscle then when it relaxes it lengthens out.  This can be done using a theraband to provide the resistance ( we did a release to the quads in Monday class) or a partner or remedial therapist.

Any tight tissues will pull the body into an altered posture and potentially cause pain.


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