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I am now selling Pepperfit Products, a range of naturally therapeutic bodycare products which are purchased by clients from all around the world for both Professional and Home use.

We recommend the Pepperfit Range of naturally therapeutic body products. This range delivers active benefits from carefully chosen essential oils and arnica. Rescue (ease aches and pains and sports rehabilitation), Boost (energise body and mind), Relax (calm body and mind and get a great night’s sleep) and Zest (to maintain condition and suitable for use in pregnancy). This great 100% active range will be used in your treatments with us, and is also available to fulfil self treatment requirements at home and make unique gifts for friends and family.

The Zest Range

Key Ingredients: Tangerine, Lavender, Chamomile Roman, Arnica, Vitamin E       100% Active

Arnica is great for muscle aches and soreness which are often felt during pregnancy and general life. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects and repairs your skin again great for pregnancy and after.

Zest is a light and refreshing combination of essential oils and Arnica blended to ease minor muscular aches and pains and restore body and mind; balancing the emotions at the same time as maintaining good physical condition.

  • pre, post and inter-sport to support the regime that keeps you in peak physical condition
  • to support you in pregnancy
  • from the age of 5 years
  • by professionals and for self treatment

Zest is available in the following application methods:

body & massage oil, bath & shower oil, wash, instant roller-ball, multi-balm

Zest is also available in our Gifts and Kits.


Zest Instant – £8.64

Pregnancy Essentials – £29.50

Zest Body & Massage Oil Sample – £3.49

Zest Body & Massage Oil – £15.60

Zest Bath & Massage Oil – £15.60

Swimmers Essentials Pregnancy Trio – £32

Zest Multi-Balm – £10.80

Zest Wash – £7.56