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Keeping Balanced in muscles, mobility, flexibility and how it helps for labour!

I want to talk about Balance in your body especially around your pelvis.
Balance means
  • Limiting tightness in your muscles
  • Staying flexible
  • Keeping toned
  • Sorting out any aches
  • Keeping your uterus balanced
  • Allowing your rib cage to expand as your baby grows.
  • Having a daily mobility session to keep mobile and flexible


Staying balanced helps birthing your baby!

Daily mobility session should include:
  • Using your spiky ball to mobilise the tissue/fascia under your feet to loosen off, even into your back.
  • Sitting comfortably on your sitting bones, not sitting on your tailbone with your back flexed – reduces space for your baby and potentially tightens up more around your pelvis.
  • Keep your hamstrings and calves mobile with stretches
  • Loosen off your sides with side flexes
  • Shoulder stretches to check out the tightness at the front of your shoulders, often from your changing posture with pregnancy.
  • Doing regular squats to keep your glutes or buttock muscles turned on! – Pregnancy often results in glutes being turned off due again to posture changes.
  • Go for a daily walk – especially important if your job involves sitting all day.  Turn all those extension muscles on!
  • Check out your rib mobility – take some deep breaths and open up your rib cage from the base, like an umbrella opening, sink it down as you breathe out.
  • Work with your partner to do weekly side lying releases, inversions and also using the rebozo.
  • Treat your aches with a trip to a specialist Pregnancy Chiropractor to ease off your tight joints.  Libby from S1 is brilliant.
  • Treat yourself to a tissue releasing massage  – I know I’ve mentioned it before, but in case you didn’t know, I do mobile massage, bringing the massage table to you, to work on releasing and easing those tight tissues we all gain due to repeated movements and stress.  Why not get one booked.
Remember:  Stay active. Listen to your body. And move!
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