Athlete 12 for all ages

12 weeks of online 15 – 20 minute workouts, 2 per week to be done at home.

Starts Monday July 29th 2019

This is for everyone of any age, especially over 60’s to get moving more and stronger.  

This is for you if:

  • you can fit a short workout in most days
  • want to do your workout at home
  • have a functional pelvic floor
  • you’ve NOT just had a baby
  • you want to get fitter
  • you’re older and want to get fitter


How It Works!

1.  Every week on the same day that you received your login details, you’ll receive 1 workout from HCR HQ.

2.  Each week, this workout will be progressed and become more challenging because that’s how you get fitter!

3.  I also provide your additional workouts for you, probably in a closed Facebook Group.  Full details of this will be given after you’ve signed up.

4.  There is an optional nutritional sign up  to this programme.  You may not necessarily need to purchase the associated nutrition plan below.  Please seek me about it.

5.  We will have a fitness test before you start, at 6 weeks in and at 12 weeks and if you follow the programme, 100% you will see yourself getting fitter and fitter!

6.  Thing PROGRESS not PERFECTION!  Even if you can only do half of the workout in the beginning, half is still better than none!  Don’t worry you will get stronger – WE PROMISE.

7.  Always contact me as your coach NOT the email you receive the workouts from about any programme queries, I will nip and tuck the programme if required.


To sign up for the 12 week course just click below  and sign in


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