About Us

Focus and Move is run by Sue Coult, a trained Physiotherapist, now enjoying keeping people fit and mobile with Pilates on a 1:1 or class basis, or in the massage room giving a massage.

She has 3 girls, 19, 23 and 25 who keep her busy also.  On a daily basis, Sue enjoys working out to stay fit and toned.  She enjoys cooking and likes finding new recipes although is very aware of limiting excesses.  On a weekend you will most likely find Sue either teaching a class, walking in the Peak Distict, at the gym, in the local park having fun or going for a bike ride.

“I started Pilates workouts from my experience of coping with pregnancy and recovering afterwards. During my first pregnancy I didn’t do much exercise, slowly got moving after, and then lost the extra weight.  I started doing Yoga in my second pregnancy, again not sure what I could do whilst pregnant. I became interested in Pilates as a way to develop movement rehabilitation, body awareness and posture, and amazingly found that I became stronger and redefined my body to better than pre-pregnancy.

She is passionate about keeping people moving better through Pilates, strength exercises, flexibility.

Sue also trained in Sports Massage and aromatherapy.  She regularly does courses to ensure treatments are directed to the clients issues.”

“As I get older (in my 60’s) I am working towards keeping women fit as they get older through different periods of their lives!!

I encourage consistency and daily awareness for people to gain the benefit from weekly Pilates.”

We Specialise In


If you are after the first trimester, we offer the specialist focus for pregnancy to help with strength, flexibility, pelvic floor and prearation for labour

Post Natal Pilates

The Postnatal class is great for mums to rehab their body after pregnancy and get their core muscles working again.  Babies come too.

Holistic Core Restore

This 6 or 12 week course is totally focused on working the pelvic floor and is for any woman with issues or want to know the best way to work their pelvic floor for daily life.

Over 50's Pilates

Getting older we need to stay active.  We work on strength, flexibility, balance and posture all great to support our bone health and muscle strength


Deep soft tissue, aromatherapy and scar massage make a huge difference to the flexibility of our body and joint mobility. A regular massage eases aches and pains.

HIIT Training

HIIT training is High Intensity Interval Training. These classes are more directed to the over 50’s to work on strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Ready to Make a Change?


Whether you’re looking for help with balance, flexibility, pelvic floor or simply want to be that little bit fitter, we have a class for you!