Fitness and Wellbeing

Sheffield Women!

You can be fit, strong, healthy and happy in all stages of your life – from pregnancy through menopause and beyond!

We offer Pilates and Exercise classes suitable for:

  • antenatal, staying active and flexible during this special time
  • postnatal, recover and restore, on to more intense, and then on to more fat burning
  • arthritic sufferers
  • people wanting to become body aware and tone up with mixed and intermediate classes
  • Over 50’s, 60’s and 70’s to stay mobile, flexible and toned
  • Interval classes with Pilates to increase metabolism and burn fat

I’m Sue Coult, Pilates trainer and women’s health educator and trained physio. I’m here to help you FOCUS on your self-care and MOVE your body, through a wealth of resources including Pilates, balance training, nutritional counseling, massage, C-section healing, diastasis healing, and pelvic health care

Staying Fit and Healthy Through Life – Pregnancy to Postnatal on to Menopause and Beyond

Pilates is a gentle low impact exercise programme suitable for all.

Classes at Ecclesall Parish Hall, S11.  Monday 12pm, 1pm, 8pm, and  Wednesday 7pm, 8pm  Min Spaces

Pre and post natal pilates can help deal with the effects of childbirth.

Pregnancy classes 7pm Mondays, 9am Saturdays Ecclesall Parish Hall,

Postnatal Class 10.30 Mondays,  St Mary’s Church, Walkley

HealthyHIT Pilates is a series of 6 classes, each lasting just 30 mins. Saturdays 08.15

A modified Pilates class working on posture, balance, muscle toning.


Book your space in the class Here –

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