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Fast, furious and fun!

healthy HIT roundalv2HealthyHIT Pilates is a combination of the High Intensity (HIT) or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) principle and Pilates movements in a structure that is sure to be the next big HIT in the health and fitness world.

HealthyHIT Pilates is a series of 6 classes, each lasting just 30 mins that works you hard, but teaches you correct technique to ensure you complete the workout in the right way.  High Intensity Training is a great concept, and the physiology behind it is fascinating.  The results are outstanding, as research proves, your metabolism changes can last up to 24 hours after a session, meaning you continue to burn calories well after you have finished exercising.

However, many people completing HIT programs do so with very poor technique, and work at a level that their bodies may not be capable of.  The APPI’s HealthyHIT program ensures that those same amazing benefits of the HIT physiology are achieved, but with the correct form and function.

Incorporating Pilates exercises as the rest periods means your brain is being trained in correct form at all times.  All the recovery movements are based on existing Pilates movements but taken to an entirely new level.  Using various small equipment to mix up the challenge and target different areas of the body, the HealthyHIT Pilates program is on its way to changing the face of not just Pilates but exercise in general!!

Come and join in the next course and Get Fit Toned and burn calories!!!

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