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About Focus and Move

Focus and Move is run by Sue Coult, a Pilates Instructor in Sheffield

At focus and Move it’s all about moving, feeling your body lengthen, sculpt and tone!

We care about you getting a really good workout and that amazing feeling afterwards, then being able to see the benefits!!

It’s important to us that you are provided with a welcoming, positive and enjoyable experience and that you feel your daily aches and pains are eased and your goals are being listened to and achieved.   You will be encouraged to work out to a level that you feel challenging, but is manageable.  However when you start you may be encouraged to work at a lower level in order to activate your core according to Pilates principles.

Starting working out with Pilates you will find that your back pain / neck / shoulder/ knee pains are easier and you are able to move easier, are toned and using muscles you didn’t know existed.  You will be more aware of your posture on a daily basis.

One lady has improved her golf through improving her knee pain and muscle control.

Antenatal ladies generally have less back and pelvic pain when attending Pilates.  Research states that less likely to have a caesarean section if exercised during pregnancy.

Sue working out

Sue working out

Focus and Move is run by Sue Coult, a trained Physiotherapist, now enjoying keeping people fit and mobile with Pilates on a 1:1 or class basis.  She has 3 girls, 11, 14 and 17 who keep her busy also.  On a daily basis Sue enjoys working out to stay fit and toned.  She enjoys cooking and likes finding new recipes although is very aware of limiting excesses.  On a weekend you will most likely find Sue either teaching a class, at a swimming lesson with her daughter, in the local park having fun or going for a bike ride.

I started doing Pilates workouts  from my experience of coping with pregnancy and recovering afterwards. During my first pregnancy I didn’t do much exercise, slowly got moving after  and then lost the extra weight.  I started doing Yoga in my second pregnancy, again though not sure what I could do whilst pregnant. I became interested in Pilates as a way to develop movement rehabilitation, body awareness and posture and amazingly found that I became stronger and redefined my body to better that pre-pregnancy.

Now as I get older (in my 50’s) I am working towards keeping women fit as they get older through different periods of their lives!!


I encourage consistency and daily awareness for people to gain the benefit from weekly Pilates.